Thursday, August 19, 2004

Re "Crab is an appropriate food for today"

Mood: Foul (fowl?)
Hair: The braid is coming loose (too much conditioner?)

1. Copied below is email from Ponytail Ass:
"Subject: What's in a Name?

Quite a lot, really. More than a year ago we renamed this committee to the OnLine Cataloging Committee. The directors approved the change. And yet everything still keeps referring to "Data Entry."

The reasons for the name change were valid. The steps taken to achieve the change were correct. Why are we persistently downgrading the task of cataloging to the level of a file clerk's job?

This mailing list is misnamed, even though it recently had a name change. It apparently was changed to "[Database Name] Data Entry" when it should have become "[Database Name] Cataloging". Our meetings in [the Online Meeting/Event Registration system] still have the name "Data Entry" on them. Our minutes and the minutes of every other committee keep misnaming us.

OK, what do we have to do to get anyone to pay attention?


Cataloging is NOT a mere matter of copying stuff from one place to another."

2. This is the guy who is supposed to be chairing the committee now, instead of me. Aside from the weird grammar, can you see why I'm in the midst of a power trip and hanging on to the chair with every bit of strength I can muster??

3. Tech With Issues informed me after lunch that people from Colorado are weird because I told her lots of people there named Berniece spell their names that way. [Since she's never seen it that way, by definition it's weird.] And, though I think she was sort of joking, she said it with a straight face.

4. It's Reserves Time again, which is tedious. Which is why I'm doing this instead of 'real work.'

5. Sparky gets his glasses before me. That's just petty, isn't it?

6. Someone "donated" 6 large cartons of musty books. They brought in one carton and we turned them down, so they left the building, unloaded the other 5 on the curb and drove away without telling us. Another patron, several hours later, told us about them. We had to drag them in: two carts-full!

7. Tomorrow is going to be long and strange: ceremonial end of an exercise class that I used to belong to. It's complicated. After the 'ceremony' we're going for coffee (or, in my case, fruit juice or chai). Then I work all day. Yes, Tech With Issues works too. But so does Sleek, heh. Then we're going camping for the weekend. Yes, two whole days without electronics. Aaargh.

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