Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday morning

Mood: OK, but I may be asleep on my feet, so who knows?
Hair: Wet

It's 5:40.

I woke up at 5:00 in spite of setting my alarm for 5:50. This is good. I'm supposed to be at exercise at 6:00 -- meant to set it for 4:50, but my brain couldn't do the math last night.

I'm going to try not to blog at work today; I have far too much to do, plus I have to spend about three hours on service desks. I have to get my cart cleaned up. I just have to.

Wish me luck. See you Monday.
An aside: one of the best things in life is being so tired that a good book can't keep me awake. I struggled with keeping my eyes open over one page of "Inkheart" last night for probably 10 minutes. I've only got about 6 pages left, but I finally just had to face the fact that my brain and body were not going to cooperate.

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