Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Mood: OK
Hair: Falling out of its braid

I blew it. I will not be receiving the Parent of the Year Award this year (as if I was ever in the running anyway). Tore into Sparky about losing a library book -- got the 2nd overdue notice yesterday at work saying his book was due August 1. It's not in his room. He says he gave it to me to bring back but his credibility is in the toilet over a myriad of lies he's told recently.

Guess what: it's on the shelf at the library, not checked in. Sigh.

Now I have to apologize. This parenting thing sucks! It's all about setting a good example: what to do when you majorly fuck up, etc. etc.

So I Googled "apology." And this is what I found. Too bad it isn't designed to be used for kids (and I do like the woman's version, sexist pig that I am!).

I'm off to learn how to use our new defibrillator. Woo-hoo....not.

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