Saturday, June 05, 2004

Saturday sports update

Mood: GOOD!
Hair: Down and curled

Baseball: [last night]
    Cubs 7
    Diamondbacks 3
Sparky had an outstanding catch in left field for an out in the 4th inning! Woo hoo. The bleachers went wild, and he even got multiple kudos from the dugout. Plus another "Nice catch!" after the game from the Star. :-)

'Course, he still didn't get a hit, but he did get one walk to bring home a run, so his RBI (or whatever) remains high.

Swimming: Finally called the Dolphins' president Thursday night and asked about Sparky's status. He is on the team, and she apologized profusely for not letting us know; she didn't even know the coach had told us he'd call. [He has since resigned.] So on Tuesday he starts practices, at 7:15 a.m.

His reaction: "But Mom, I want to sleep in during the summer!" [whine whine] Here is a kid who has almost never slept past 9 a.m., even after nights when he's up past midnight, or jet-lagged. When we went to Greece, he got 6 hours of sleep--on the plane--out of about 36 hours from the morning of the day we left till we arrived at the hotel in Athens at 2 a.m. local time. He was up by 11, but that is literally the latest he's ever slept. NEVER at home. Sigh.

I think he's ok now. He gets a new 'fun' swimsuit, plus a competition suit. And fins and goggles.

And there goes my free time this summer as well! I echo Kristen in saying "the things we do for our kids!"


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