Saturday, June 05, 2004

Ready to leave

So, yeah, this is the beginning of the last week we are sans New-Mom-Librarian. She starts back again on 6/15. Migraine Woman has been on vacation all week. She'll be back Wednesday.

And we have B, the pseudo-intern (former page), for the summer. He will be a boon to all of us Referencey people.

Which means...I get my job back in 10 days! woo hoo Maybe my sanity will return as well.

In celebration today, or something, I spent a chunk of the day trying to sort out trains from Manchester to Leicester, then Leicester to London. Whew. Those two train trips would cost us about $400. I think we'll just keep the car an extra couple of days and pay a drop charge in Luton--or somewhere else north of London, but close enough to get into the city for a lower price.

Next: booking the car. Then, booking the hotels. I love vacations.

The corker book for today is this: Help! My Child Stopped Eating Meat!

And now I'm headed home to figure out something to make with frozen ground beef without carbs (hah). Window down, hair blowing--SUN!

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