Thursday, June 24, 2004

Random updates throughout the day

-- Have got nothing done today yet. Can't really catalog since the person who gets them after me has literally no place to put them. Maybe later I can pass along a shelf or so...
-- Got less than 5 hours of sleep last night. Stayed up past midnight reading and then The Beast whacked his foot on the T-square outside the Room Under Construction and bled for awhile, etc., etc. Up about 5:30 to check email and make overseas call.
-- Consequently, have had 12 oz. of Dr. Pepper already this morning and two Tylenol. Cold pizza for breakfast, and some Butterfinger chunks from the giant-sized bar I bought last week and stashed here at work. I am a health-food nightmare.

-- Discussion with boss of the possibility of "company" T-shirts (or some other kind of shirt) and the upcoming requirement that city employees wear nametags.
-- I'm slogging through the Dewey books. BOR-ing.
-- Received email at home for the remaining hotel in Lincoln, but I can't call from here to book it. Rats.
-- Instructions from boss to write my procedure up for Demand Orders.

-- Repair of Beowulf record, reported to me by Lambie-Man. Don't mind 20 second fixes like that. I should listen to the Seamus Hainey [sp?] of this, having read it already...
-- Must. Eat. Lunch.

-- I'm all the way (hah) up to the 641s in Dewey (started in about 632).
-- Required city employees' meeting at 2, after which I'm going home, with a possible stop at the grocery store on the way. Probably should stock up on stuff for the weekend...


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