Thursday, June 24, 2004

I'd like to think...

...that "ilunga" describes me.

But it doesn't.

Mood: All right
Hair: Pulled back at the crown

Sparky's room is nearly done. Still needs another coat and of course the requisite touch-up; the wallpaper border has to be stuck on the wall. And the furniture has to go back into the room. But it should be done before we leave tomorrow night. He's going to be so surprised.

I will post pictures if I have time tonight (between working on the above, I also have to pack clothes and food for our weekend in G@len@, talk to our pet-sitter and tidy up the house).

The good news is that as of 6 a.m., 5 of the 6 nights in English hotels were booked. I only had to send address and phone to the place in Durham (the top listing here), and I called the Harlingford and booked by phone after back-and-forth emailing Ms. Mary Burt for a week. :-) Still waiting to hear from the place in Lincoln, but that should be taken care of today.


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