Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My life == Chaos

My back hurts.

Sparky (who informs me I should be calling him Eagle Eye. He’s not, really) loves his room. It’s a cool room, if you’re from Brown County, WI.

Cogitation: Beast’s brother and his girlfriend arrive on Saturday. My oldest sister (Marie) & her husband (Jan) arrive on Sunday. Where is everyone going to sleep…!? Maybe we’ll move the extra bed from the spare room to Sparky’s room and unfold the futon in the spare room…which means Sparky gets to sleep on the couch or the floor again. Not that he minds! Thank goodness.
    Just discovered that cherry-flavored Twizzlers taste way too much like cough medicine. Ick.
Marie and I are going to Milwaukee to where Ellen is … er, interred?? What exactly happens when someone’s ashes are put into a columbarium? Anyway, I am the only person in my family who knows where this place is, and it will be ten years in December. My mom has convinced herself that Ellen never got interred and we don’t know what happened to her ashes. It sucks getting old and losing your grip on reality....

On the flip side of the mother-sadness is the fact that I love my mother-in-law. She's a star. Sure, there are issues, but I deal with her so much better than I do with my blood mom, and always have as long as I've known her, that it makes me sad on another level that she doesn't take better care of her health either. Man, that went to gloomy rather quickly... Anyway, MIL is great, so the hell with all the mother-in-law jokes; I like mine.

We have NOTHING to do tonight. But I have to take Beast in for an outpatient thingy at the hospital tomorrow, so I'll have another stupid day trying to fit work into my busy life. hah Right now it looks like this:
    Work 7:30 - 8:45
    Drop Sparky off for Dolphins
    Drive home, pick up Beast; take him to the hospital and drop him off
    Head back to pick up Sparky and take him to daycare
    Work 10:30 - 11:45
    Drive to hospital and pick up Beast and take him home
    Work from ? - 5
    Pick up Sparky and take him home
    Come back to work to complete 8 hours' work for the day?!
I could be here till 7:30 tomorrow night. I think I'll have a prophylactic glass of wine tonight...

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