Tuesday, June 29, 2004

G@len@ precis

I’m back. G@len@ was great, as usual. Our swan song at C0gan 188—it’s being sold and the current owner thinks the new folks will be living there full-time. Bummer. On the upside, it looks like the house has terrific issues with something in the roof…it was raining wood and Asian beetle particles in one area of the living room the whole time.

Shopping: bought two sale rack shirts and a pair of warm slipper-socks for next winter. Total: about $40. Oh, and a pair of shorts because—d’oh—I forgot to pack any!

Pool: Sunday and yesterday with the kids while the Big Boys golfed. Total time: about 7 hours. Sunday was freakin’ cold, but yesterday was lovely. Got some skin color, and missed a couple spots with the sunscreen so now have three or four bright red blotches on my collarbone, shoulders and neck. And of course my nose is glowing like Rudolph’s.

Ticks: Three removed, none from my family. Yick!

Food: Yeah, lots of it, all carbs, all bad. So, shoot me. I’m back to ‘real life’ now.

Hot Tub: Nope, too cold for the grownups—we’d’ve never gotten out!

Firepit: Nope, too cold…etc.

Cards: No sheepshead this year. We played Texas Hold ‘Em. L won (at 2 a.m.) Night One (I was #2). J won Night Two (I was #3). I won Night Three (L was #2)! The Beast ended up as dealer all three nights…poor man.

Next year: We scoped out possible rentals for next summer, based on a list I compiled from the ‘net. Some real possibilities, some obvious duds.

Now, time to get to work!

[I’m trying out doing a Word document, and cutting and pasting to my blog over the course of the day. So although I’m writing this at 8:30 a.m., it probably won’t be (hasn’t been??) posted till much later.]

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