Saturday, May 22, 2004

Saturday at work

Mood: Pretty good for a rainy day
Hair: Braided (in)

My goal today: Catalog nothing but videos off the Gift Cart. I estimate there are about 50, mostly kids' tapes. Then, if I don't blog all day (hah), I can work on new materials. Woo hoo.

No videos done. Had to clear room to work first. But the On Orders are done and most of the titles in one of the files I sent in this week are in. Now I'm security tagging and THEN I'll start the videos. After lunch.

About 20 videos in so far. Had to take a break: THE AMAZING RACE gears back up on July 6. Yee haw. Now back to videos.

Final count: 32 videos completely finished, 14 others for which I don't have records (need to order them--see rant of Thursday past). I threw a couple of dupes into our Duplicates box. Whew.
Did I mention that the boy is here doing homework for his Independent Research project. Anything he wants, either written or PowerPoint, and as long as he wants. I hate these kinds of assignments...

All done for today. I also managed to create another file of about 90 items to work on when I get back here on Tuesday. And I've done a list of the projects that I need to accomplish early next week. My desk is relatively clear, the Gift Cart has 1-1/2 empty shelves, and I don't have to be back here till Tuesday morning.


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