Sunday, May 23, 2004


Talked to L last night. This is her life:

^ May 9 (Mother's Day this year) was the first anniversary of her mother's death. Most of the household didn't get the emotional significance of that. Rough day.

^ May 15 was the anniversary of the funeral. Not a great day, but survivable.

^ May 16 was her birthday. Not that anyone really noticed. A day that her household dealt with the same way they 'did' Mother's Day.

^ May 18 was a day of horror. She and her husband committed their 10-year-old son--our godson--to a psych ward. Over the weekend, he had threatened to kill her and the rest of the family if necessary. His psychiatrist met with him Tuesday in a sort of emergency meeting, and was able to get "Cody" to divulge that he had a plan completely worked out. He was immediately placed in a children's psych hospital for a 7-10 day course.

So. A little rain, a disagreement about what to work on around the house, low-carb v. high carb, cluttered kitchen counters....all put roundly in their right priority order.

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