Saturday, May 29, 2004

Ooops, meant to post this first

Re Friday: The other librarian who normally works at the Reference desk Friday mornings came to my desk at 10:10 yesterday saying, "I have a migraine coming on and I have to go home now." [Comments on migraines to come later.]

So instead of being on a service desk for 4 hours yesterday, I was on for about 6. Got a stupendous amount of sorting done, actually:
    these are in our catalog, these are not
    these are in First Search, these are not
And I got the demand order done, filed and sorted out. So even though I didn't see my desk for most of the day, and didn't do any proper blogging yesterday, I feel pretty good about the day.

    [Migraines: I've had one migraine in my life, and couple of near-migraines. They totally suck, and I've never even actually had them cause my stomach to get into the act. However, this particular librarian takes time off at the first sneeze, the slightest twinge in her left toenail, and the day after a holiday that she wasn't scheduled to work anyway. What a piece of work. Good thing she's otherwise a joy to work with!]

The Beast took the day off from work yesterday, golfed 18 in the morning, and then went to friends' house at about 2:30 to help them move. He picked up Sparky in the midst of packing stuff up. I joined them after I came home to change after work. Todd, when I said I had to go change out of my work clothes, said, "Naah, we'll just find the scissors and cut the skirt so it won't get in the way." What??? I told him a needle & thread for sewing it into harem pants would make more sense.

Scissors?? We have weird friends!

The boy and I left at about 9:30; he had spent about 2 hours trying to calm the dogs down, and Mar & I had spent the same amount of time lining shelves after I just told her I was going to buy paper. She was literally standing in her kitchen spinning, trying to figure out what to do next. Typically moving-day frazzle.


Today we bought The Beast's Father's Day present--three weeks early--of a riding mower. It takes him about two hours every three days to walk and mow our yard, and that's before he does any edging.

The last two hours have consisted of him putting on the bumper, gassing and oiling it, and putting together the trailer. He's the happiest guy in the world right now! I was left at Home Depot for over an hour while he brought the thing home, unloaded it, patted it, started it up, etc., etc. Home Depot is not that exciting a place for me. Plus, I couldn't pay because he wanted to come back and buy some copper pipe for some other project... I was not (ahem) happy at his very delayed return....

While he was working on his new toy, I potted a bunch of new plants in new pots for the front porch. They, if I may say so, look lovely. Must remember to put bloodmeal on the big pot so the rabbits and other critters stay away... Of course, I bought too many sets, so I will have to buy another pot for them. hee hee Weeded for about 20 minutes (see above) before admitting defeat and thinking I should probably move laundry and think about food for tonight.


It is 7 p.m. We have not eaten supper yet. I'm not sure when Sparky is planning to come home (he's next door). The Beast has finally come in the house, but he's downstairs doing something. And I need to go switch laundry. oh ugh ick bleaahhh

Hope your weekend is as uneventful as all that!

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