Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two pieces of good news

One work-related, one non-work.
The work-related one involves the cataloging of photos. As the little birdie who told me said, "We win, I think." There were concessions and compromises on both sides, but the best part is PsychoDirector (not to be confused with--though visually she could be!--PsychoBoss) lost a lot of ground after expending an awful lot of energy to essentially increasing her library's "items owned" by 25% again while making our catalog a mess.

The non-work one is that I'm going to see The Wizard of Oz tomorrow, at a Big Fancy Theatre in the Huge City to the East. It means catching a train and meeting Beast who will be on his way home from a business trip Down South. We will meet at about 5, drive the rest of the way, find a place to eat near the theatre and not get home till...uh, after midnight probably. Fortunately, neither of us has to work Friday morning.
Tomorrow's the last day of Poetry Month.

You know what that means....

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