Friday, March 27, 2009


One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs is "I dreamed about Ray Charles last night. He could see just fine."

I didn't dream about Ray Charles last night.

I dreamed we had two new people at our next youth group meeting (which was, as dreams are sometimes, wonky in several aspects unimportant to the actual dream). That's a bonus, A-plus thing. I was excited. The new kids were a boy and a girl, the girl sitting at the table and the boy playing catch across the room. Because there are just two boys who regularly attend the meetings usually, I was even more excited to see the guy, but I sat down to talk to the girl.

Then I noticed the baby carrier at her feet.

Yeah. We didn't just gain two new youth group members, we gained three: mom, dad, and baby. I asked her if they were from around here. She said they were both students the main local high school (and married)--which explains why the other kids were ... "elsewhere" in the room watching to see my reaction before they committed to this scenario.

And I woke up.

I woke with thoughts tumbling all around: Would I do the right thing? Would the girl and the rest of the group notice my unsureness, my shock (notice that I assumed the boy wouldn't?)? Were the other leader group leader and Beast going to freak? Where did these kids come from? Why did they just suddenly turn up at youth group--not so much because of "the situation," more what was the context of two unknown people appearing? Underlying it all was the sense of "Well, here's a new challenge, God. Always looking out for those, aren't You? Thanks!"

The worst part of this is that as I'm writing this, I'm already missing these kids, these people I don't even know. I'm worrying about them, and weeping.

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