Monday, January 26, 2009


Mood: ok
Hair: clean and purdy
Eyes: a little dry, but ok
Listening to: electronics
I love technology! Right now, I'm waiting for a translation of a friend's blog. She writes in a language I know nothing about. While she's doing that, she's IMing me directly from my blog.

I'm also IMing with Beast directly from my blog. Same blog. [unfortunately, there are some unpleasant things going on at work for him today--just the beginning of the sorts of things we know will be going on for the next several months, or longer]

And I'm on Facebook with a friend/colleague, chatting about salad and being a good person and tact, both in private messages and on her wall.

Plus, I'm watching CSI:NY on Spike TV.

All of this is going on while I shiver and occasionally snuffle. But the cold is slowly leaving my system. Must be all the diet DP I've been drinking.

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