Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Cat. is watchin’ the inauguration in [Facebook]. So 21st century, yo 8:44 am
Cat. thinks the new limo looks like a hearse. How very unfortunate. C’mon Caddy, you can do better! 8:52 am
Cat. is pretty sure I wouldn’t be enjoying myself in Washington. Brrr…[and] crowds. Ugh 8:54 am
Cat. did not realize how TALL Michelle is! 8:56 am
Cat. uh oh the internet is freaking out here! 8:58 am
Cat. THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE! Yikes. 9:01 am
Cat. wants a second monitor. 9:05 am
Cat. is pleased that she doesn’t have to work in public [during the inauguration]. 9:09 am
Cat. reminds you that the Big TV is on at the library. Come watch with us! 9:17 am
Cat. Now the fun starts: identify the famous person…. 9:23 am
Cat. loves the Marine Band. Really. It’s the only reason I’d consider joining the military. 9:27 am
Cat. Oh yawn…. 9:28 am
Cat. …famous people I CARE about…not politicians. Yes, I know, I suck. 9:33 am
Cat. 2000 [Facebook] updates per minute? Wow. That’s amazingly…amazing. You know. Whatever. 9:37 am
Cat. wonders when the internet is going to implode from all the users today…. 9:42 am
Cat. oh too bad--Cheney's hurt.... 9:46am
Cat. loves Colin Powell. A lot. 9:49am
Cat. oh boy, there goes our 'net feed...slowing WAY down.... 9:52am
Cat. wow awesome shots of the streets and the Mall. 9:53am
Cat. COOOOOOOOLLLLLLL motorcade. 9:55am
Cat. This has to be weird and sad for Hillary. 10:16am
Cat. Ros[lyn Carter] looks frail. :-(. 10:19am
Cat. Bears colors on the kids! hee hee.
Cat. Say goodnight Graci...er, Laura. 10:28am
Cat. OMG--that's awesome to hear--O-ba-ma. - 10:30am
Cat. is going to TV to share with people. 10:37am
M. commented at 10:37am
me too

L. commented at 10:52am
look at you changing your status like a play by play. haha...love it! so exciting.....
Cat. great speech. 11:32am
Cat. "to turn to each other and not on each other" Amen. 11:36 am
Cat. I want this guy [Lowery] to be nearby so I can go to his church! 11:38am
Cat. Piccolo solo. [Stars & Stripes Forever] 11:42am
Cat. No, I think I'll go back to "Great Speech." 11:43am
Cat. ... are they going to walk the parade route? Hmmmm. 11:49am
Cat. W has left the building! 11:57am
Cat. Statutory Hall??? How about Statuary Hall, d.a.? 12:05pm
Cat. is done with lunch so, k, the parade can start ANY time. So...go already! 1:13pm
Cat. wonders: is it in-AWG-er'l, or in-AWG-yuh-ruhl? 1:22pm
Cat. commented at 1:33pm
Random House says the proper pronunciation is in-aw-gyer-uhl, but in-aw-ger-uhl is the secondary choice.So I say it right, and the chick on CNN is wrong. heh
Cat. is glad they just replayed Aretha [I missed it the first time]--NICE job!!! 1:47pm
Cat. ...bummer, I think they're riding in the limo for the parade. 2:24pm
Cat. that's a lot of cops leading the parade. 2:42pm
Cat. OMG--they're outta the car! YAY and W00t!! 3:06pm
Cat. ...and why did they suddenly get yanked back to the limo...? 3:11pm
Cat. still likes military bands the best. 3:14pm
Cat. agrees that this is reminiscent of Beatlemania (not that I remember that) 3:16pm
Cat. can't believe the CNN guy things Michelle Obama is amazing because she can handle cold weather. Puhleeze! 3:33pm

And then I had to leave work and go grocery shopping and do boring stuff like that for two-plus hours, so I missed the rest of the parade. Boo.

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