Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Four hours of work

(a.k.a. what is NOT going on my weekly report to the boss about my time usage)
  • Kicked two feet of snow out of the way of the distance (outdoor) bookdrop so that I could open and empty it. They didn't plow the lane to drive up to it, and piled snow in front of the door. Idiots. I hate the bookdrop more than any other part of my job. And what did I retrieve? Three of our items and 10 donated trashy paperbacks.
  • Found out that the labels we use to indicate that an item is new had a typo. The whole batch is ruined. Nice.
  • Realized I forgot my lunch at home.
  • Got drawn into a rant by CT. Sigh.
  • Was attacked by my eye. Called doctor for a referral to my eye doctor. Called my eye doctor for appointment.
  • Ate a Tootsie Roll
  • Another staff member asked me about an email I forwarded to her yesterday about filling holds from other libraries. I explained: politics. Turf. Grr.
  • Looked for new labels to replace the stupid ones. Considered redesigning. Decided against it.
  • General email stuff.
  • Ranted to Beast via Meebo about my eye and other stuff.
  • Realized my eyes feel just fine again right now (well, right then).
  • Redid most of a document I worked on last week because I'd done it all backwards. My boss checked it over and was still confused, because I'd REDONE part of it backwards. But the colors are pretty. (and it's fixed now)
  • Talked to Box Lady about Large Print books.
  • Forwarded document to our system tech, and waited for the stupid questions to ensue.
  • Cataloged 8 DVDs. One of them is The Jazz Singer. It arrived with about 15 postcard-type things, 4 or 5 booklets that reprint a bunch of period reviews and such, and a reproduction of a telegram. In other words, a bunch of JUNK. Grumbled to people about that.
  • Ate another Tootsie Roll.
  • Put in Rx eyedrops. Sting, a little itchiness, but generally still fine.
  • Received reply from tech. Only one really retarded question. Since he cc'd to my boss, she came down from her office and dared me to call him a dork in my reply. I said I would. We answered his other questions, and I (naturally) explained the obvious to him without using the words "dork" "asshat" "blind" "fool" or "kill." Am quite proud of myself, and I'm getting an AWESOME-funny new password so it's ok. So far he hasn't answered me back. But he will. I've complete faith in him. [Update 3:20--yup, I was right, and now my blood pressure is sky high. He is a fucktard.]
  • Ate another Tootsie Roll (so much for that "not eating junk" thing...)
  • Discussed the budget cuts that must be made this year, and the rest of the impact the dismal economy is causing. Havoc, much? Oh, it's only just begun, my friends.
  • Ranted briefly at Beast some more.
  • General email. One of the lists I'm on is having a long discussion under the subject "turkey parthenogenesis." Cracked up. Catalogers are weird.
  • Realized I haven't eaten lunch.
  • Realized I'm cold. My hands are ice blocks as I type this. Quite unusual--the library is normally warm in the winter.
I'm going to lunch. Maybe I'll catalog 8 more things this afternoon. That'll help. I've got about 250 things to go before I'm all caught up. ha ha ha ha ha {choke}

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