Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hey, folks, I have a real question for all you actual and would-be Reference librarians.

What is another way of saying "Show and Tell", the kind that kids do at school? No snarky commentary on what we adults have done to the concept since second grade.

The Library of Congress does not use this as a "legal" subject heading (except in s.h. for children). So what the heck are we supposed to use instead? I can't think of anything except "school presentations" but that's not really right (and it's not legal anyway).

This is so basic that I know I'm not the first cataloger to wonder how to handle this. However, no one I've asked can come up with anything really useful, and then we got into the corruption of the word "sharing" in this context....

[And now those of you who wonder what I do all day know the truth about just how BORING my job can be sometimes. Not to mention PICKY!]

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