Saturday, December 27, 2008

Music news

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I got an email about a week ago informing me that Yahoo! is selling Launchcast to CBS--or has sold already--and my subscription access will be cancelled in January. I use Launchcast virtually everyday at work, and I've rated over 10,000 songs, not to mention the albums (hundreds) and artists (thousands) I've rated. And they're taking it all away.

This should not be unexpected, really, but it means that I need to find a backup plan. I use Pandora on occasion when Yahoo! is acting up. However, I'm hoping to use this as a springboard for Beast and me to start using our MP3s. A lot of the stuff I've rated in Launchcast we own, but I will have to have access to Napster or something too. We don't have iPods--I am in permanent boycott stance there, for some reason--but I've had a Zen for two years, and Beast got one from me on his birthday. Time to join the 21st century.

I write that dripping with irony as all three members of my family are currently sitting with laptops on their laps, watching TV and surfing the net. When we get tired of that, we'll Wii.

Downloading songs onto our MP3s shouldn't really be that much of a challenge, right?

Urban Word:
The Spousal We: The opposite of the royal we, meaning "you". Used by your significant other to get you to do something.

I've suggested to Beast that The Spousal We will be using a downloading service when Launchcast goes away.

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