Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's not a science...

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Beast told Sparky last night that, based on trips abroad alone, Sparky is 4 times more qualified to be VP.

Having said that, I just spent a week discussing Palin in a back-and-forth Facebook conversation with a rabid supporter of Obama and a Republican.

My plea: can we have a discussion that involves substance and not follow our leaders' paths down the road of calling each other "crazy." Also, calling Palin a bitch is sexist, unless you call EVERY politician a bitch; I realize that's a pretty radical thought for all you post-feminist women out there. It does NOT make 'our side' look good to sink to that level, especially when the other side is making a semi-rational, conciliatory comment. I don't care that the general concept of debate (or rather "debate") in this country has turned into screaming matches on TV; we don't have to do that among ourselves.

Have some self-respect.

But, really, why are we even considering a high-rent version of Lynne Spears anywhere near the White House? :-)

Urban Word:
politiclone: A political pundit or commentator who is unable to think for her/himself.

No matter how much you say you hate FOXNews, if you turn around and use their uncivil tactics, you are no less a politiclone that the FOXNews screaming heads.

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