Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Holy shit, Batman, I can't believe how cranky I am today!! Wow. If thoughts were matches, you'd want to keep me far away from flammable materials. There are just a whole host of idiotic, painful, and/or annoying things on my plate right now, not one of which is a dealbreaker, but together they are the perfect storm of Ranty. I vented some of my rage on my Blogthings results just now, which helped a bit, but ... damn. Just do NOT get me started, yo.

Tonight would not be the night to receive a call from those people who call themselves the local Fraternal Order of Police soliciting for donation. They always annoy me; tonight I think I'd just completely go postal with bells on all over the phone. On the other hand, that would be ok. At least it wouldn't be someone I care about getting in the way of the Bazooka of Flaming Apeshit.

Y'all have a wonderful evening now, y'hear?

Urban Word:
rack off: Phrase usually used by Aussies meaning "fuck off"

The universe needs to rack right off tonight!

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