Monday, June 09, 2008

In which the media is the massage

Mood: So far, so good
Hair: Unkempt
Eyes: Finally focusing properly (I've discovered, while trying to get back into early-morning Bible study this week, that my eyes can't manage small print for the first 15 minutes of the day. This sucks)
Listening to: Silence/random homey noises
So, we've had all this weather lately. It's been ... fun ... if you're a weather geek, or get off on carrying a flashlight everywhere with you, including the bathroom (we have no windows in any of our bathrooms).

One of the other traditional spring activities around here include trees splitting and falling on power lines. We've been up and down a few times already this year, and as a result our basement "baby" TV (i.e. slightly smaller than the main one in the living room) gave up the ghost last week. Beast took the cover off, took one look at the circuit board and said, "I can't fix this."

He can fix everything. ;-)

Since there is a federal law in this country for households having three or more people that requires a minimum of two television sets, or at least one set for every two people...we had to go buy a new TV. But being us, first we had to go find the Consumer Reports information. Yes, we are dorks.

We (briefly) considered The Mirrors. But like all mirrors, it's hard to see what's going on in them if you aren't standing directly in front of them. So instead we are on the brink of--oh hell, we've dived into it head first!--a Bravia new world.

Of course, there had to be drama. We went to Circuit City because they hire people over the age of 22 to staff the sales force, instead of the big blue store from hell where everyone is 18 and thinks that we are too stupid to deal with when we ask questions like, "How often does this model break down?" Big box stores tend to all be the same, to a point, so when the sales guy disappeared with the sign saying that the set we'd selected was on sale...we got leery. We stood and watched the lamest EVER movie--well, it did have Sylvester Stallone (gaaahhhhh!) in it as a race car driver--for about 15 minutes before the same guy returned having battled apparently to the death in the stock room. Turns out the stock number on the item that was "on sale" was a different stock number from the set it was touting. So, technically, the set we chose wasn't on sale.

HOWEVER! Pay attention, people, this is unheard of! Dude didn't say anything except a little grumbling over the restockers who stay out all night Saturday and come to work early on Sunday...he didn't quibble with us, he didn't tell us that he was "making a special deal" for us, he didn't say anything akin to "we fucked up and that isn't a deal we can actually do for you," and he didn't narc out any specific co-workers. He just gave us the advertised price, took our money, and was a consummate professional all the way through.

We will continue to shop at Circuit City, just because of this.

Oh. The (huge-for-us) TV? Rawks. And the massage? I'm getting one this morning because my neck/shoulder thing started yelling at me on Saturday again.

Urban Word:
consumerican: An individual suffering from the particularly American brand of consumerism.

Much as I sometimes hate to admit it, even Beast and I have consumerican tendencies.

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