Thursday, April 03, 2008


Mood: Tahred (see below)
Hair: Hot
Eyes: Fuckin' Awesome!
Listening to: Fireplace popping; don't ask me...

Here are my hours this week:
    • Saturday -- 11 hours (MY choice, I hasten to add--I was only scheduled for 8)
    • Sunday -- recovery, no work (just 4 hours of church-related stuff)
    • Monday -- I don't think I worked; Beast was home for the day...I ran a couple of errands
    • Tuesday -- 6 hours (most spent sorting my GIANT collection of not-yet-in-OCLC material; original cataloging ahoy!)
    • Wednesday -- 7 hours, plus a trip to the post office to return some reference items that the publishers want back...which Sparky helped me lug in and I had to pay $6.25 to ship
    • Thursday (today) -- 8.5 hours
    • Friday -- 11 hours (2 hour meeting in the a.m., longer-than-usual-on-Friday workday, 2-plus out FOL program in the evening)
That seems to bring the total to 43.5 hours.

I'm supposed to work about 32 hours in a normal week, because I really am part-time. When I work a Sunday, it's up to 35, and some weeks I just work extra. And it's a little unfair to include last Saturday and this Friday because I flip-flop those days every week. However, this week is L-O-N-G. The good news: tomorrow's meeting is about organizing, which we as a staff DESPERATELY need. Tomorrow night's program is a treasure hunt for which I spent 2 hours creating clues this afternoon.

My cart, by the way, is full and overflowing again. sigh And those bottom-shelf books.... MAJOR sigh

I'm going to bed now.

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