Saturday, April 05, 2008


We had a meeting yesterday morning that was designed to pump us up into organizing and cleaning the 'shared-use' areas of the library, as well as our own personal spaces. It was very effective, and the workroom--where my cube is--looks as nice as it has in a long time, as does a huge part of the Reference Desk area (there are still 6 drawers to empty and clean, but this was good progress). We threw out papers and manuals from as long as 10 years ago!

In the midst of this, I was talking to our newest librarian. She graduated with her Master's in December, although she has worked with us for about 18 months (?). Prior to December, she was 'officially' a circulation clerk. I guess. Whatever.

Anyway, I've never really known what to nickname her in the list of coworkers. As of yesterday's convo, she will be known as ILL Tyrant. Her request. She didn't want to be a Nazi. So, I'm off to update my coworker list. And yes, she reads this blog, one of two people at work who do so.

Also, if you use Blogger, you can try out some beta stuff they're working on by typing in pages are coming (where you can post-date items and they publish automatically at whatever time/date you've set)!! So excited.

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