Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The people I work with?

The loudest ones? The "squeaky wheels" if you will?

They S U C K.

Urban Word for today:
office ghost: An employee who maintains a position at a company despite the fact that all of his [her] job duties have been reassigned to other employees. This could be by the ghost's own design or due to restructuring within the department.

Office Ghosts are particularly effective when they have a big title that comes with an assistant, and a boss in another location because no one is really sure what they do all day, but they still have the ability to step up and take credit once a project is completed.

Schedule Nazi's picture is next to the words "Office Ghost" in the dictionary.

But she's not the problem here at work today.

Yet. She hasn't even arrived. I'm sure she'll live right down to my expectations of today however. She usually does.

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