Friday, February 01, 2008

Why I 'do' youth group

I got a semi-panicked email last night from one of the girls in our church youth group. I answered her back but didn't expect anything of it since there was no school today. This just popped into my emailbox (also, welcome to teen-speak):

thank you sooo much for helping me out with this one. now i think that i know what i am going to do. i really like the idea of spending more time with him, and getting to understand his intensions. and now that you pointed out that all guys like to talk trash about each other, i am starting to realize that it more. [like re-thinking about previous things that have happened]. tomarrow[being saturday] i have been invited to go and see a movie with him and some of our other friends, and i am hoping to get to understand him better then.
thank you sooooooo much for all of the advice, this has really helped A LOT!!!!

love you TONZ


p.s. see u sunday!!!
All I really did was reinforce that she needs to get to know the guy better, trust herself, and don't make it too complicated. So, now I'm going to go upstairs and take a bath and go to bed.

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