Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mood: Tired, eyesore, cranky...REALLY REALLY CRANKY!!
Hair: Who cares?
Listening to: Beast talking to his mom on the phone (I can hear her voice too), and the TV on Mute (yes, I can still hear it, something else that makes me cranky)

See the big splodge in the middle of the United States? See where it's blue/yellow/green (like a bruise)...?That's us.

More snow. Lots and Lots and Lots of Snow. YUCK. Yes, it's not as bad as tornadoes....oh, wait: that's happening too, but not for us. No, here it's supposed to keep snowing for 24 straight hours.

Seems to me hibernation really ought to be an option for humans, or at least the human writing this post. I'm rapidly devolving into something closer to subhuman anyway with the weather and everything else.

Blanket, over head. Grrrr......

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