Sunday, February 10, 2008


Mood: kay
Hair: clean
Listening to: end of the Pro Bowl
  • Yay, Alicia Keys (wow! sez Beast upon his first full viewing of her dress).

  • Wow, do NOT piss off Carrie Underwood.

  • Yay, Prince. And yay Alicia yet again for winning.

  • Jimmy Jam is the Chairman of the Board?? Damn. OMG--The Time!!! Crack me the fuck up. Time to embarrass the boy.... Check! "Oo-wee-oo-wee-ooh"

  • The Band is not playing? Bummer.

  • Yay Beatles. But Cirque de Soleil on the Grammys?--that's kinda weird. Wait, Cirque is weird regardless of where they perform. But "Let It Be" as a gospel song. Yay.

  • Yay, Amy W. for winning.

  • The less said about the Jason Bateman bit...the better. Moving on.

  • Kanye is weird...can't help liking the guy, but I'm definitely a bit old.
    On the other hand, there ain't too many rappers can make me cry.

  • I made a comment yesterday about sticking with the type of music your voice can handle. Fergie didn't listen. People who sing through their noses shouldn't sing songs like she just sang. And, girl, comb your hair outta your face! (Yes, I'm biased--I can't stand Fergie.)

  • George Martin looks great!

  • So does Cher, though she's wearing a lot more clothes than normal. And, damn: TINA!! DAMN damn damn!!

  • Andy Williams is still alive? OK.

  • Not a Foo Fighters fan. Now is a good time for playing Oregon Trail on Facebook, or something. I'll be back. However, Sparky is shocked that someone from Nirvana is "that old" and why isn't Kurt Cobain's brother still doing music.

  • K I can stand watching Brad Paisley. He's not ugly. The song...remarkably retarded. Ticks = not sexy.

  • Amen! AMEN! Go 'Retha!!!

  • Did he just say "Dirk Smedly"?? Who better to introduce Earl Scruggs, however.

  • I like this song by Feist, but she's really nervous. And that dress...gaaah.

  • And whose idea was the Kid Rock/Keely Smith/sax thing? Quite surreal. I have not had nearly enough illegal substances today for that.

  • Here come the elderly (according to my child) members of Foo Fighters to collect their award. Dave seems a little...loose. Upstairs. Is he usually?

  • I'm tired of hearing about Amy Winehouse. Can she just please do her song so she can get back to the clinic, please?

  • I LOVE the Thriller Lizards!!!

  • Stevie! The man does not age! Weird. He can sing anything though.

  • Beast is bummed about Alicia Keys' new dress. And I think those earrings look fuckin' painful.

  • Ringo, stop talking. It's a case of proving what an idiot you are.

  • Oh, Dirks BENTLEY. {shrug} Whatever.

  • "I just got an award from a Beatle. Have you had that happen to you yet, Kanye?" AWESOME! Vince Gill is looking pretty middle-aged, but what a great quote!

  • Joe Mantegna sings? Why is he on the Grammys? Shaddup. Play the Gershwin, stop TALKING about it!! Sheesh

  • Nice that Gershwin got so much airtime. Awesome.

  • I can't stand 'ella, ella, ella." Just thought I'd mention that.

  • The McDonald's rapper kid is adorable. I love that ad.

  • Damn, finally: Amy. More of the surreality.
I'm toast. Time for bed. I just can't make it through the rest of the show. My apologies.

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