Thursday, October 18, 2007

So angry

This afternoon has been So Annoying.

When I arrived, at noon, the evening schedule had me staffing the Reference Desk for two hours tonight. OK.

Then, at 3, Andy came and found me to say that the schedule had changed (to her detriment)...and suddenly I had a different two hours at Reference, and was partially crossed out, but it was confusing...etc.

When I arrived back from dinner at 6, I was suddenly at Reference all three hours, from 6 to 9. WTF?

Topping that was the freakishly frantic 45 minutes leading up to my dinner hour when a large Demand order splodged onto my desk, followed by multiple questions about something ordered in June: where was it? why isn't it in the catalog? did we actually ever receive it? should it be re-ordered? During that time we jointly looked for the item where it would be if it was here but not yet in the catalog. Thirty minutes later, we looked again, switching sides. I found it within 10 seconds... It has been sitting there since early September.

Hmmm, I don't think we're too far behind, are we? Rather than just reorder the damn thing, three people spent 45 minutes chasing each other around, thus costing the library over $50 in lost staff time. The cost of the "lost" item? $29.99. The cost in being this far behind: inordinate.

I'm in a panic trying to get stuff tidied up here before I leave tonight. I won't be back (to work) till next Tuesday, the Demand order will likely arrive by then (or before), and by the time I get home--9:30--it will be around 8 hours prior to my departure time for tomorrow's meeting.

I'm so irritated at all the stupid interruptions today. I can handle three or four, but I do not exaggerate today when I say that I did not go even ten minutes between disruptions today! EVERYone needed to ask me something, some of which was fine (and even fun!), but by 4, when I have done virtually's really fucking exasperating.

Can I go home now?

Oh, wait. No, I have to sit at the Reference Desk for two more hours. Feh

Appendix, 8:55 p.m.: Meanwhile Schedule Nazi took a FULL HOUR to set up the story room for a program tomorrow. An hour. To distribute crayons and paper, faff about with pumpkins and scarecrows, and chit-chat with people in the workroom and at the circulation desk. Yeah. She's earning her fucking keep. Thank goodness we don't keep dart guns in the library, or she'd be shot. And I'd be in jail.

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