Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gonna be a good day (hah! version)

My alarm went off at 5:50 this morning, sending me into the shower. I somehow remembered to deep-condition my hair, possibly using up all memory brain-power for the day.

Found a new blouse to wear today to perk me up. Plugged in the curling iron. Went down and ate breakfast and looked over Bloglines and my gmail. That was about 6:30. Around 7:25 I suddenly realized that a) my hair was still wet, b) I had meant to leave the house at 7:15, and c) Sparky was leaving for school. I gave Sparky a hug/smooch before he slouched out of the house with his new/old backpack.

Raced back upstairs, dried and curled my hair, perfumed myself and brushed my teeth. Found sox. Threw the bed back together quickly. Stopped to remind myself where my Poptart Shoes were, and then went back down, grabbed my red bag, slid into my shoes, stood in the kitchen going, "What do I need today?", grabbed a yogurt container, and hit the garage at 7:45.

Listened to the chapter in the last HP book about Dobby's heroism. Cried. Stopped at the corner in front of the tombstone store in town (two blocks from the library) where I realized I didn't have my work key. Or my phone.

Turned around in the VFW parking lot and went back home. Ran into the house for phone and key. Drove back to town, realizing as I got out of the truck and headed for the door of the library that I had neglected to put on a) a jacket (chilly this a.m.) and b) a belt. I do have earrings. No belt. But I'm warmer than hell right this second, because joy-o-joy my Power Surges have returned this fall. My pants are falling off, I started work an hour later than I anticipated (8:20 instead of 7:30), and I found out from The Boss when I walked in that I'm going to a info session tomorrow on the upgrades to the cataloging module our database provider is promoting.

And I'm cranky. Because Crazy Cat Lady worked the book sale yesterday and so called in sick today. I will be at the Ref Desk at noon to cover for her. Because three ref staff are at today's info session re Circulation and OPAC upgrades, etc.

Imagine, me: cranky at work.

Fortunately, someone brought iced cookies yesterday. And someone else brought donuts this morning.

It's 10:15, and I've answered my email. That's it. I guess I should go do something now.

Whine whine whine.

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