Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sad, but true

My little daemon (that won't make sense unless you've read these books) is sick. She has only a couple of hours of battery power and then we have to hassle for ten minutes to get the power cord to stay plugged in to recharge her, and then hope the cord stays where we left it and doesn't move even a fraction of a millimeter.

So she's going to the doctor today. They will do a complete physical and fix anything else that may be going on with her. Hopefully, they can also fix her eletrical connections and she'll be all better by Thursday or Friday.

THURSDAY or FRIDAY?! I guess this is the week that I will be cleaning the office, sorting stuff on my desk, and generally doing the stuff I really should be doing anyway! Maybe I can train myself into some new, healthier habits.

Like Lyra and the other people in the books cited above, this separation is going to be very painful. The computer on which I'm typing this is so old the OS is Windows ME. That should clue you in as far as why it's not exactly a joy to use!

In any case, I won't be around as much as normal. Have a wunderbar week! Go check out some of the sites in my blogroll if you need something new to look at.

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