Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lazy Sunday

After I updated yesterday's list, things changed. Beast and I have, creakily, gotten much better at having plans go haywire when it comes to Sparky and his friends. We ended up with an extra kid at our house overnight, playing video games and watching grade-C movies: "Fat Albert" and "Dodgeball." Oh, and the end of "Titanic."

Meanwhile, I attempted to work through some more of yesterdays to-do list while Beast painted the living room ceiling. That entailed moving furniture around two 13-year-olds and excavating a lot of ... er ... "interesting" ... finds under the sofa. Sigh. Here's what else I did:
    • Typed up Session minutes from almost two weeks ago (before I totally forget what happened!)
    • Emailed about vacation in Galena this summer
    • Made beds with clean sheets
    • Ordered pizza for dinner
    • Printed airline info for today's meeting (flights to Gulfport, MS)
    • Caught up on newspapers (Weds-today)
    • Switched over to Outlook as our default email setup for our home email, and weeded out all the old emails (looks like incoming mail works fine, but the long message I wrote my family won't send)
Today has been much more relaxed in comparison, just getting Sparky's friend back home, us to church and a short meeting afterwards, and to Menard's for outlet covers.

I took a 2-hour nap on the couch. Beast started the spring burn (pine boughs from Christmas and a lot of last fall's yard trimmings) and Sparky played on his GameBoy while I slept. The guinea pig cage has been cleaned, and Beast has attached some of the new outlet covers. I have done almost nothing.

Now, Beast is taking Sparky to his youth group meeting and staying around in case there is a need for extra adults tonight at the senior high group meeting (not likely). Sparky is roller-skating, and the older kids are having a "Game Night." I'm off to make Sparky's bed (because he never made it yesterday--he and his friend slept in the living room) and clean our bathroom upstairs.

It really has been a lovely, lazy day. And now it's raining again.

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