Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday in the house

Today there is absolutely NOTHING on our schedule...hurrah! Except for laundry.

OK, we need to go to Sam's Club, and I need to call someone about a youth group thingy, and my mom. But none of those are must do today items.

Sparky's practicing his clarinet behind me as I type, playing the theme from Star Wars that I played when I was his age in school--Main Title and Princess Leia's Theme. Pretty weird. He's not bad (oooch, well, except for those really high, loud, notes....).

Very relaxing day. Maybe I'll even get a walk around the neighborhood in this afternoon.

So why do my shoulders feel like I've been pushing a small planet up a steep hill all week? The pain is pretty amazing. So, Monday: doctor, and deep tissue massage. Or a bullet.

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