Thursday, August 25, 2005

Work-related stuff from Dewey blog

(which you can find here) {edited by Siteowner}

From June 24: All about where the blogging books should actually be classified.

From June 28: The new version of AACR2 is going to be called RDA, which (if you don't want to click) stands for "Resource Description and Access." Also, there is still ongoing discussion of graphic novels.

From July 26: A clever article on the Table of Last Resort in the DDC introduction. It used to be called a "precedence formula" and I think that's how I learned to refer to it. It's good to know it's in there when I come across those items that are about 4 subjects from 7 different viewpoints. Hopefully, I can remember it's there.

From August 2: Good scope notes vs. bad ones.

From August 5: The joys of DDC 121--which is officially "Epistemology (Theory of knowledge)"--because it seems just about anything you don't know what to do with can be shoved in there.

From August 15: OK, when I start remembering people's addresses and/or phone numbers by the matching Dewey numbers, you can all officially lock me in a padded room. My street address corresponds to "Disputes and conflicts between states." Joy.

From today: Time to help our local bookstores shelve appropriately. There is a movement to quietly "reclassify" 1984. Yeah, the idea being that it isn't Literature or Fiction anymore, so we need to go into our local Borders and move all the copies to the True Crime or Politics section--or wherever you think it belongs. [not that I'm advocating this, but it has a certain level of attitude that I like!]
Whew, I told you I was behind!

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