Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Two things

  1. I forgot to mention last night that yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary. I can't possibly be old enough to have been married 19 years! When my oldest sister and brother-in-law did their 20th, I was in college; I thought they'd been married FOREVER. Huh. They just celebrated their 40th 39th last month--by marrying off one of their kids on their anniversary.
  2. Sparky's at Versailles today. They will be at their final hotel tonight, the first of four nights. My plan today is to send a fax to the hotel for him. I suspect, now that they are really in the home stretch, he may be reaching the end of his patience with the whole adventure.
I slept very badly last night, so today is going to be a l-o-n-g day at work, catching up and 'paying dues' for being gone (I will undoubtedly be stationed on public desks for several hours because I took time off over the weekend--paybacks are a bitch). So I should get there early and get started on the pile that has accumulated on my desk.

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