Thursday, June 23, 2005

Things to do

For Sparky's trip:
  • make list of daily toiletry chores
  • go over basic photography/how to use camera
  • label EVERYthing.
  • pack First Aid kit and explain what's what (and label it)
  • get my sister's mobile phone number to send with Sparky
  • write daily notes
  • laminate packing list and photocopy of passport
  • call pediatrician and ask about antibiotics
  • go over laundry/folding again
  • cut ALL nails (Sunday night/Monday morning)
  • to Pearle to make sure glasses are in good shape
  • find London Eye guide
  • P A C K (aaaarghhhhh) and inevitably realize that we've forgotten to buy something

For our trip to Colorado:
  • decide if we're going!!!
  • make hotel reservations
  • reserve van
  • print maps from Mapquest or ?
  • locate libraries along the way so I can blog/check email
  • check out Mobil guides and/or go to AAA for books
  • check out books on CD
  • ask neighbors to watch guinea pigs

Other stuff:
  • send books to Karla [work]
  • send stupid subject heading list to stupid Ponytail Idiot [work]
  • update New Lists [work]
  • figure out a way to create Upcoming lists faster [work]
  • go to Sam's Club
  • pick up Rx
  • clean bathrooms!!!

My list for this morning is:
  • find something to wear to work
  • figure out something to do with my hair
  • brush teeth/wash face/etc. etc. etc. [these first three list items should take about 15 minutes total]
  • close up house and set AC
  • say good morning to Sparky [he's currently in the basement watching TV]
  • make sure he feeds the guinea pigs
  • show him his marching orders for the day
  • grab something for lunch (or am I coming home to check the Sparkster?)
  • make sure I have work key, cell phone, and wallet before leaving
  • empty the book drop on my way to work

Isn't my life soooooo interesting? Hey, wake up! I asked you a question.

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