Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sparky goes to Parliament

Yes, today the whole crew is at Parliament, meeting with an MP (I don't remember the name of the guy, sorry). Then, in a somewhat ironic twist, they head to the Tower of London where they'll hear all about crazy King Henry and his penchant for removing people's heads. The anti-royalists put this tour together! :-) [photo removed by siteowner 1/13/06]

Sparky has seen the Tower,
but today they will get (are getting?) a real Beefeater tour,

so he may actually learn a bit more than last time. I think he did appreciate it last year, so we'll see what tidbits of knowledge he brings back this time.

Then they're off to the theatre. Not sure what performance they'll see. Wish I were there, though.

[On a side note, our high school theater group is doing "A Chorus Line" in July. I was talking to the one of the costume people last night and found out that I know half the cast personally. Guess where we'll be the night before Sparky gets home. Or should we wait and take him too? Too young? I love this show, so I'm probably unable to make a clear judgment...]
My intent today is to plow through everything on my cart and get all the project-y stuff sorted out before I leave town tomorrow. We'll see how that plan goes. But the crux of it is that this is it for blogging until this evening. So have a great day!

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