Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So much to talk about

I don't even know which mental blog-entry to post. I've done so many over the past week:
  • wedding flowers
  • debit cards
  • tater tots
  • knock-down drag-out fights with the boys at home
  • bookshelf organizing
  • the multitude of ways PD is a rotten disease
  • being "found out" on the internet, a blast from the past
  • hubris of wedding planners
  • honeymoon email
  • wireless is coming to my house!
  • how many days is it possible to go without a shower
  • why I have no patience with my sister
  • A-league baseball
  • options for our time while Sparky is out of town
  • why five extra people in your house doesn't feel like 5, but 30. At least...
  • sore legs
  • crosswords
  • why I still love my family members
  • Verizon. Sucks.
  • I miss blogging
I can't possibly do all of these in one post, that's for sure. It would be a labor of Hercules to craft, and all of his labors to read it!

Maybe I should take a poll. Any preferences?

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