Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Plans? Pah!

Right. Remember all those plans for wonderful posts, the ones that you voted on last week?

OK, now remember how I've been saying all (winter and) spring that "I can't get sick; I'm too busy"?

Well, the posts aren't happening this week because karma has hit. Hard. I have two weeks off before Sparky heads to Europe, so that means I can let down my guard...and I am sick. I have a sore throat to beat all sore throats. Life has been pretty miserable for me for about the past 30 hours. I'm now taking FOUR ibuprofen every four hours, which finally seems to be taking the edge off. Even Tylenol with Codeine wasn't helping!

Consequently, when I stop feeling like this,

Sore Throat

I'll be back to write a well-reasoned, thoughtful post about...something.


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