Friday, June 17, 2005


From ick to great in a week: not bad, eh?

Here's why GREAT:
  • I now have wireless Internet at home, on a faster connection than is possible (or so I thought)
  • I now have Firefox at home (but not at work)
  • I now have yet another email address (well, I'm not sure if this part is GREAT or just {shrug})
  • The guy who installed the hardware redeemed Ponytailed Men everywhere
  • His two helpers, while they made me feel old, were polite, fun, and used the basketball hoop in the driveway while they waited for Ponytail
So yeah. Good day.

The downside? They arrived at 10:45 (originally scheduled for 10) and just 2:30. Not exactly speed demons. So much for shopping for clothes for Sparky's trip. Oh, well, there's always Monday. I got some other stuff done.

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