Friday, June 24, 2005

Another question for the ages

...I was just reading this week an article on blogs. In there, among many other things, was discussion of blog etiquette. I'm curious to know something: if I read (regularly or not) another person's blog, am I therefore compelled to comment regularly, just to note that {{wave}} "I'm reading your blog"? Or is lurking perfectly ok, especially if I have nothing to add to the discussion? Or is lurking 'creepy' by definition?

This came up today because of something I read on another blog--where, yes, I commented ;-)--and it's not about whether KVD or anyone else is reading my blog. I'm just curious. I know we can compulsively check our site meters or whatever, but who has time for that, really? [if you aren't KVD, don't ask]

Just how paranoid should we be? And how accountable are we for something we wrote in the heat of the moment 13 months ago in a completely different context?

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