Thursday, August 05, 2004

A Wednesday kind of day

Mood: Tired (it's that time of day)
Hair: ugh--cut it off, cut it ALL off

I'm all out of sorts. The computer problems have tapered off, blamed today (and fixed, we think, by someone competent: i.e., NOT the Gs) on a failing cable. Whatever.

I added about 6 brand new backpack kits. This means Start (original cataloging) to Finish (everything-but-tape and ownership stickers). It takes forever.

Also did the demand order from last week.

And that seems to be all. In just eight hours. I can't seem to get my feet back under me.

So why do I have a headache/neckache? Possibly the same reason I 'flashed nearly to the point of vomiting and passing out an hour ago...?

I need to order new prescription lenses, but I can't justify spending another $180+ on frames after blowing too much on souvenirs on vacation. Still, that may be part of the headache issue (ya THINK!?!).

Co-worker A informed me that there is trouble in paradise, after only 8 months of marriage. Too bad. I like this person. Marriage is awfully hard work, especially if both people aren't playing on the same field.

We have a mouse in our house. Sparky says it's because we have guinea pigs; the mouse is drawn to us because of the rodents already living with us. If it weren't so...unpleasant (in the sense of having uninvited guests), I would have laughed. But that would have hurt his 'sensitive' (he says) feelings.

At the risk of sounding like every other female in America, I need to lose weight. My bones hurt. I am going to have to join a club and sweat. I hate sweating. You have no idea how much. But it seems to be the only answer. I can't carry this extra weight around forever...

Tangent: I have a picture that was taken almost twenty years ago of all my sisters and me. I used to look at it and think, "I'll never look like that" when realistically of course I would look like that because I look just like my sisters!!!

Last month, someone took a picture of me with my two remaining sisters. Now I look like they did twenty years ago. And they are even, uhm, less thin now than they were then. In twenty years, I just can't look like they do now. I just can't. Hence the paragraph above.

So. Home.

Now. Hopefully, to obsess about other things.

Oh, and to eat steak. See why I must get more exercise?! Although, frankly, I'd love to be sitting in a quiet corner eating mozz-stuffed breadsticks and eavesdropping....

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