Wednesday, August 18, 2004

OCLC and the Learning Curve

Mood: Uhm, "lousy" doesn't really convey how frustrated I feel
Hair: Blown out

So, today is original catalog(u)ing day. I finished about eight items today, out of about twelve. I stopped after re-entering, from scratch, the same record the fifth time. I had already had to re-enter another record three times. Plus, there is another record in there that won't update OR download into our local database.
I can feel every muscle in my shoulders because I've been doing this for four hours.

It's so definitely time to go home. Oh, wait, no, I'm going to pick out new glasses. Finally. Which will help with the ongoing headaches. Which I don't generally get into here...

So today's lessons were, to my not-very-clear understanding:
  1. Patience and fortitude with OCLC and Explorer (it was really Explorer that was shutting me down all those times)
  2. How not to swear, grind my teeth, or lash out at co-workers because of my stupid computer
  3. Why I should sit with my back against the back of the chair
  4. Chumbawumba and Frankie Goes to Hollywood (and Prince??), among others, turned up loud, really do drown out annoying coworkers who insist on talking when I'm trying to parse OCLC code
I think I may have failed, on a few of these. I certainly didn't attain more than a C average on them.

Now I'm going to drive in rush-hour traffic to the Big City to buy frames. And I get dinner outta this trip too. I think.

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