Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mood: Good. So far
Hair: Down, blown out (twice in a week!)
Listening to: 1988 Billboard Top Hits (because it was reported that it "wouldn't play well")

I think it's the music, which generally sucks. But I am enjoying "Wild Wild West" (The Escape Club). Just wondering if I'm enjoying it on its own merits, or because of the crap that surrounds it: "Seasons Change" (Expose), "Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird..." (Will to Power), "Get Outta My Dreams..." (Billy Ocean), etc. I especially loathe that last song...

Otherwise the disc seems fine to me. Of course, the person who reported the problem is the Village Idiot of the library board, so someone has to tell him his CD player is dead. Not me!!

Back to the Demand order. On the horizon: telecourse tapes (aaarghhhh<--the sound of me falling on my dagger). And a really big regular order.

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