Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Mood: Good, but headed toward headachy
Hair: Down, blown-out; at least it was this morning

The One At Work:

Now that we have ID cards, issued by the city, coded to (eventually) open the doors without a key, we aren't sure what to do with them. Other city employees have to wear them/have them visible at all times; we at the library are special. huh So the next time I'm seen, I still won't have a lanyard, I guess. Actually, I don't mind one way or the other, so this is a debate I'm viewing from the sidelines.

The One At Home:

Do we want to get a copy of EACH AND EVERY photo we took on vacation--all 250? Do we want to upload all the wedding photos only? Or those plus a select few of the Historic Sites stuff? Or those plus any others that have People-We-Know involved? Or... some other possibility... There are so many choices. The only definite answer I have is that I'm not uploading everything online because we have a modem and the "estimated time" was 355 minutes. Give or take an hour or so.

The One Here:
Do I have enough time or interest in blogging my journal for the trip? There are quite a few things that I wrote that are really not for anyone but my immediate family's eyes. [oooh, mysterious] That would definitely NOT go here, for an assortment of reasons...

Still, it's tempting. And after all, I don't have anything else to do! Like, oh: figure out the photo dilemma, find the dining room table, find my desk, get Sparky sorted for school ... and also the never-ending round of daily/weekly/frequent chores like grocery shopping, meal-planning, bill-paying, Amazing Race-watching, etc.

To misquote Avril: Life is so complicated.

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