Thursday, August 19, 2004

And I quote:

"We have an open problem with new records that were derived from existing records. A symptom of the problem is that the saved record has an OCLC number of ocm000000000. A fix will be installed Sunday morning that should help. [My] choices are to wait until Monday, and try deriving the record again (don't transfer the fixed field) OR start over from scratch."

Which is so much gobbledegook for anyone outside the pale of cataloging jargon. The thought of "start[ing] over from scratch" doesn't thrill me. I think I'll wait till next week anyway. And get on with my wonderful life, an episode from which follows.
The tech who types labels just stood up and flashed everyone in the room the back of Pamela Lee's book jacket along with what she considers a pithy comment. The inside of the jacket shows Ms. Lee on another one of those days where she forgot most of her clothes. Can I sue this tech for sex discrimination!!!!

Ugh, I hate this woman (not Ms. Lee, by the way--she's just pathetic). Tech is now showing everyone else individually the photo. If she'd just cover it up and tape it to the damn book, no one would know. So she's obviously getting sick enjoyment out of showing semi-p[o]rn to staff members...and enjoying more of her pithy (NOT) commentary.

Headphones going back on.

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