Saturday, July 03, 2004


Mood: Good
Hair: Midwestern clip-up

I'm at work.

It's Reserves time again. 615 outstanding holds. No cataloging will be done today. That's ok. There's not much to do, just a bunch of puzzles (which are awful to catalog). Anyway, all children's stuff must wait, because I'm passive-aggressive: The kids' librarian is a putz, so I make her wait for her new materials. She, of course, has no idea at all. Bet I can put them off long enough to not get around to them before I go on vacation!

I'm on various desks all day today, so I won't be able to get into the workflow zone at all. Drag.

Last night, while reading in bed--windows open--I was serenaded by neighbors listening to..."Paradise By the Dashboard Light" about 1/4 mile away from me. I could hear each word. And moan. And pant. Clearly. The song is somewhat different when you hear it wafting into your bedroom between fireworks blasts at 11:20 p.m. I was enjoying the irony because I've been listening to Meat Loaf all this week at work. And I haven't heard ANY Meat Loaf for about five years, up until L's Mix (from Amy) arrived a few weeks ago.

Once the song ended, I gave up on the book (Secrets of the Code), plugged in the earplugs, and crashed.

Now. Reserves. [head down, bull through them]

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