Thursday, June 03, 2004

Two books

Mood: I need a vacation
Hair: 40s (barrette at crown)

These just came across my desk:
    1. Herding Cats, by John McCabe (wonder who that title reminds me of...) hah
    The Booklist review says: "Readers are unlikely to meet a wackier, more demented bunch of characters than those in McCabe's latest novel." [they clearly have not met my family] Sounds Britishly funny, a la Coe's The Winshaw Legacy.
    2. Grammar is a Gentle Sweet Song, by Erik Orsenna
    Aha! Another Eats, Shoots and Leaves--now sitting next to me to take home to read, finally--right? Nope.
    Publisher's Weekly's review starts this way: "10-year-old Jeanne and her 14-year-old brother, Thomas, are shipwrecked on a strange island where words have become independent." It sounds like a lovely, quick read about a subject near and dear to mine heart.
Also just found a book for my brother about U.S. Grant and Mark Twain, his two 19th century American heroes. {By the way, he's found a job--woo hoo--in Dallas.}

I needed this kind of treasure today. This is why I love cataloging! I get to see the books first.

And, hey, that impresses the heck outta kids, too.

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