Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sunday morning

Mood: OK
Hair: Who knows. I'm still in pajamas and just barely functional...

...which is ok for the morning after hosting at least 60 people at our house for brats, beer, subs and CAKE (we still have a whole cake left, as well). Nearly everyone was gone by 7--middle age party, obviously!--although our next door neighbors hung around for a couple of hours more. That was perfectly fine; they lent us a couple of serving tables and "clean ice." And Cindy helped clean up the kitchen, even did the dishes before I could stop her. So we didn't have much to do this morning, just emptying the former ice around the half-barrel and putting away the extra, uncooked food and unopened pop cans.

My feet are killing me, after 6+ hours yesterday of being on them. Work will be so much fun today...this afternoon, 1-4. Drag. Of course, the sky is clouding up. If the weather isn't nice, people probably will be at the library. So I'm hoping against hope for clearing skies and sun.

After work, Sparky and I are off to see Shrek 2. I promised him Monday, then put him off till "after the party." So...I guess that's today. Tomorrow, perhaps we can get to OWW or something "edutaining" after swim practice.

And then there's the ever-looming car rental/hotel booking soon-to-be crisis.

But first I'm going to eat, get dressed and help finish with clean up.

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