Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Long week

Mood: Tired, anxious
Hair: Partially clipped up at crown

Long day today: On Ref for over 3 hours, my 'relief' was late to work. grr. Got all of about 6 books cataloged. Once again the Great Gods neglected to dump in the file I sent last Friday. I emailed a friendly nag; they magically appeared...just in time for me to leave.

The boy has lost two school library books. We searched the room tonight to no avail, so he collected $19 of his own money and will pay the bill tomorrow. Which means we'll find the book on Friday...

Little League game tonight against the Indians. Score 6-5, Cubs won. The boy had a play in left field that the "star" jumped all over him for goofing up; he didn't goof up, but the "star" is also a tremendous drama queen, so we were treated to him pouting the rest of the inning. He had flubbed a play about 5 minutes earlier; no one on the team yelled at him...well, except his dad (the coach). We think the boy made the best play of his career. So there!
[But he earned no money for swinging at pitches, either.]


Tomorrow: Up really early (5ish) so I can get to work by 6 and get a couple of hours in before heading to breakfast with a friend. We have been planning to have lunch together since CHRISTMAS! And school is out next week so we will be tied to our children after that. This is the only day we can get our schedules to work.

Thursday: DARE Graduation (Drug Abuse Resistance Education, FYI) at 9 a.m., so I'll be missing still more work.

Which means Friday I have to go to work for a few hours on my day off.

I'm getting a stomach ache. Had a Mountain Dew this afternoon/evening, and I'm absolutely wired now...actually, I think the caffeine has worn off, so now I'm twitchy and tired all at once.


What I'm supposed to be doing: Figuring out the drive time between Leicester and Lincoln, Lincoln and York, York and Durham, and Durham and Manchester. For Americans, 50 miles generally means 50 minutes. Ah...no. According to RAC, 51 miles = 80 minutes. Glad I doublechecked; I do remember this from last time. Had to keep telling The Beast, "No really, I know it's only 190 miles, but it's really a 5-hour drive from Reeth to St Andrews. One way. Trust me."

Time for bed. I'm past whupped.

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